SHUN YO Pipe Co., Ltd. is located at No. 8,Lane 99, Hsiang Yang Street, Changhua, Taiwan, R. O. C. Factory area is up to 24500 foot square. We are a professional developer of plating technology and finishing processing research. We import the advanced technology of plating and vacuuming machines including our research result, and invest more 3 million in new producing machines upgrade the quality and production. Now we own the abilities for
platting. All Pa Wei's employee are place importance on the company organization struct, and are of one mind. The Innovation, the Research, the Discipline, and the Responsibility are our missions to build the enterprise culture and forever life of Pai Wei.

  • The latest high-tech surface hard coating technology.

    Using Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), which takes place within a dry vacuum chamber, the work piece is subjected to plasma bombardment depositing a strong and ultra fine titanium coating.
    The process results in an ultra-hard coating (HV1800-2400),harder than tungsten carbide so can be used for high wear applications. The coating is resistant to high temperatures, adherent, and is uniformly deposited.
    TiN has a wide range of applications for high technology parts used in aerospace, electronics, weapons, high precision machinery etc...Developed countries during these last few years have applied the TiN technology on many household products:
    1. Decorative coating:
    TiN can be applied to wristwatch casing and strap, eyewear frames, belt buckles, water taps, kitchenware, high-class door locks and exercising equipment. Giving the product a high quality finish, hard coating (greater than HV1800, traditional gold plating 50-60HV), scratch resistant, non-fade, and adherent. TiN technology does not have the limitations of traditional gold plating, improving the value of the product.
    Our company provides a large range of color for TiN coating, for example: gold, yellow, black, Irregular Colors, etc....and satisfy US and Europe requirements for ZrN treatment.
    The coating can be applied to many surfaces such as: stainless steel, brass, aluminum, iron, glass ceramic, and architecture tile etc..

    Area of application: Bathroom, building material, door locks, kitchenware, decoration, golfing equipment, leatherwear, bicycle parts, car and motorcycle parts, etc....

    Characteristics: smooth coating, high quality finish, non-fade, high wear, non-toxic, adherent, 0.5-1 thickness.
    Increasing the competitiveness of the product. Opening more markets.
    ( The TiN chamber can hold work pieces of the following dimension: height 100cm depth 65cm )

    2. Hardware tools coating:
    Our company uses a dry vacuum chamber, which can deposit the following types of coating :

  • TiC - approximately HV3200-4000 (black)

  • TiN - approximately HV1800-2400 (gold)

  • TiZrn- approximately HV1200-1800 (light gold)

  • ZrN - approximately HV3200-4000 (brass, resistant to acid)

    Hardness coating:
    SLD, SKD, and Tungsten steel, ...after heat treatment.

    Area of application: Turning tools, circular saw, rush stick, drills, milling cutters, compound tap, shaping die, plastic pattern, etc...
    Characteristics: Coating will not change shape, is hard wearing, resistant to high temperature, adherent, thickness approximately 3-4
    . Under normal use the product's life cycle can be increased by 3-4 times.

    ( The TiN chamber can hold work pieces of the following dimension: height 65cm depth 45cm .)
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